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Welcome to our energetic and diverse community, brimming with professionals who understand the fine balance of life’s responsibilities and the joy of gaming. We celebrate all styles of gaming, from immersive tabletop RPGs to expansive MMOs and every high-speed, quick-thrill game in between. Our community is tailor-made for those who appreciate the power of hyperfocus, turning short attention spans into riveting gaming experiences.

At the heart of our community is respect and a dedication to maintaining a fun, engaging environment. We delight in friendly banter and fiery competition, while steering clear of drama, politics, and religion. We firmly believe in ensuring a safe gaming space where everyone can let loose and simply have fun.

A word of caution, however: our community name is indeed quite descriptive of the quick, fast-paced gaming thrills we champion!

We’re all about the good kind of fun — those moments that have us laughing and coming back for more. As an 18+ community, we’ve found the perfect balance between mature discussions and lighthearted gaming adventures.

Does this sound like the gaming family you’ve been searching for? If so, we’re excited to invite you into our inclusive, vibrant community. Come and turn your hyperfocus into exhilarating gaming experiences with us!

Short Attention Spans, A History